How does our service work?
  1. 1Experts
    • If you are proficient in two or more languages and are ready to assist in their study by translating short phrases and sentences for a fee, then you can act as an expert. To do this, you must select these languages when registering.
  2. 2Clients
    • If you are learning a language and are willing to pay a small fee for obtaining valuable first-hand knowledge — directly from experts — then you can become a customer of the service. To do this, you must top up your balance immediately after registration
  3. 3 Request translate
    • On the main page of the service, the client requests the translation of a text or voice message formulated in the language he speaks (the basic language) into the language he is learning (the language being studied). The system will automatically calculate the cost of the request, which will be deducted from your balance.
  4. 4Response to the request
    • The expert receives a notification about the receipt of a request from the client by e-mail and on the main page of the service and sends the client his translation option.
  5. 5Translation quality
    • Due to the fact that native speakers respond to the request, the quality of translation for large languages compares favorably with machine translation, and for small languages, such translation is usually the only alternative.
  6. 6Several possible answers
    • Since there are many experts involved in the HowToSayve community, the client usually receives several answers to his request from different experts by e-mail and in the "Questions and Answers" section, many of which may be repeated.
  7. 7Choosing an answer
    • Therefore, we provide clients with the opportunity to choose only one of the proposed options for payment, and experts have the opportunity to agree with only one of the previously proposed answers by other experts (followers).
  8. 8The motivational model
    • The uniqueness of the motivational model implemented by our service lies in the fact that every response to a request made by an expert is remembered by the system and turns into an asset of this expert. This means that every time other clients request the same transfer again and choose this answer option for payment, the expert will always receive a reward in accordance with his share of ownership of this asset.
  9. 9Distribution of remuneration
    • The shares are distributed as a percentage, depending on which account this expert is in the group of followers of this answer. After the client has selected one of the response options for payment, the reward for this transfer is distributed among the followers of this particular transfer
  10. 10Balance
    • All the rewards accrued to the expert are accumulated on his balance in the system. To get acquainted with the value of the balance, the movement of funds on the personal account in the system, the user can deposit and withdraw funds in the "Balance" section. The bank, the payment system and the service charge a fee for the services. The service also charges and withholds income tax from experts
  11. 11Taxation
    • Taxation of experts activities is carried out according to the scheme of interaction between clients, experts and the service in the marketplace paradigm. The service acts as an expert tax agent as an individual.