Privacy Policy

INTIGRIS LLC pursues a policy of ensuring strict confidentiality regarding information received from customers. This information includes personal data - name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, etc., which can identify the client, as well as information about his company, as well as all documents and files constituting the trade secret of the client. All this information is provided exclusively by the client when placing a request for the services of the company, as well as in the process of correspondence with it, and is used by the company only to continue cooperation, i.e. for further communication with the client. The Company undertakes to preserve the personal and corporate information of its customers and treat it with respect.

Password policy

INTIGRIS LLC adheres to a strict password policy:

  • self-registration of your account in the Service on the Site;
  • placement of personal information in the Service on the Site;
  • posting information about the request in the Service on the Site.

The performance of the above actions is the unconditional and complete acceptance (acceptance) by the Partner of the terms of this Agreement (Offer) (hereinafter referred to as acceptance of the Offer).

This Agreement is considered concluded from the moment the Parties perform one of the above actions in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the Rules of the Service, which are an integral part of this Agreement, and is equated to a document drawn up in writing. The conclusion of the Agreement means that the Parties, to the extent necessary for them, have familiarized themselves with the terms of this Agreement and the Rules for the operation of the Service, the specifics of the operation of the Service and the Site, recognize the unconditional suitability of the Service, the Site and the applicability of the rules for performing actions and achieving the goals that are the subject of this Agreement.